hysteroscopy, simplified

Improve the pathway from an accurate diagnosis to appropriate treatment with our portable, single-use diagnostic hysteroscopy platform.

Sharp Image
4.3" Screen Size with 800x480 resolution

Convenient and Portable
Lightweight handle with built
in video and image capture

Single-Use Cannula
Hydrophilic coating with
fluid port (standard luer lock)

Precisely identify disease states in any room

Streamline your practice with the HysteroViu platform. You can immediately view and diagnose with a wide field of view optic and slight coude tip. Our fully equipped platform consists of a rechargeable and reusable handle, combined with disposable, sterile cannulas.

The Economical Choice

Eliminate Reprocessing

Remove large capital investment,
service contracts, and resources needed for disinfection when you switch to single-use.

Improve Scheduling

Eliminate advanced scheduling and reduce OR visits with a brand-new scope for every case.

Higher Productivity

Minimal setup with sterile cannulas allows for greater patient volume and zero cross-contamination risks.

consistency gynecologists can count on

Optimized for the female anatomy

consistency gynecologists can count on

Optimized for the female anatomy

happy patient


Provide greater patient comfort and safety with the sterile, single-use Hystero-V. Our small 12 Fr diameter Hysteroscope has a wide field of view optic with a minimal profile, hydrophilic coating, and slight coude tip for easy insertion.

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